Testimonies of a Father….Blessings from a Bed-time Story

Every role we fill in life has different lessons, joys, struggles or triumphs. One of the roles I am blessed with in my life is the role of father to my son. I’ve decided that at least this one time, I want to share online a story of what God has taught me through one moment in my brief life as a father.

By Anne GutmanPart of our son’s bed-time routine is book time. He’s not quite a year and a half old yet, so the books he enjoys are not quite stories yet. One book this evening was the book Daddy Kisses by Anne Gutman. It is a sweet book for dads to share with their children about how daddy animals share kisses with their children. Of course, as a father, the best part is being able to express your love to your child in the same ways. So, of course, as I do when I read this book to my son, I kiss him like the animal in the book. Tonight, while I was reading about daddy squirrel, my son interrupts and gives daddy a perfect 16-month-old, sloppy kiss right on the lips. Now that’s a sure fire way to melt your daddy’s heart!

A few minutes later, as I’m rocking him for a few minutes before putting him in his bed, I just get overwhelmed not just by his love for me, but about God’s love for me too! God has blessed me with a Son who loves me and a heart that wants to be a good father! God has given me a wife who respects me and cares for me too. God is good! That is when, however, my mind changes the thought around. Do I love my Heavenly Father like my son loves me?

I then thought some more. I know that my son did not just randomly kiss me. He has been learning from his mother and I when we talk to him. We’ve taught him what a kiss is and as he is learning the words that describe things in his everyday life, he has learned what a kiss is, and what to do when Mom and Dad ask for one. However, his learning eventually became his voluntary expression of love for me, and again my thoughts turned towards the Lord. How many times has God taught me the ways to express love to him, and how long has he been waiting for me to willingly express my love for Him without having to prompt me?

God has asked his children to fellowship with him, but do we always attend worships sessions just because we want to express our love for the Lord? God wants his children to talk to him, but how many of us struggle to make time to speak with the Lord unless we are in need of his help? God wants us to choose to share his love to others, but why then are there countless Christians who still struggle to willingly witness to the lost?

The Lord then brought my thoughts to 1 Corinthians 13:7, a verse from my favorite chapter in scripture. In this verse is the thought that love always hopes.  This is just one of the characteristics Paul uses to describe God’s love for us. As a father, I know that I look forward with hope to the times my children express their love for me in these sweet and personal ways. Through this moment with my son, God reminded me that this is the same way He hopes that we will one day learn to offer our expressions of love to Him! God hopes that we will attend worship because it is a chance not only to be reminded what areas of our walks need growth, but because it is these times during our week we choose to focus most on who He is!
God in His love for us is continually hoping that we, His children in faith, will learn how to love Him by choice and express it voluntarily! What kind of expressions of your love have you offered to God lately?

Written by Timothy Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!

P.S. Thank you to my son for allowing God to use you as inspiration tonight! Your father loves you very much!


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  1. i thought of my 3 daughters and 2 sons while i read this. i wept.

    Rabia Al-basri prayed:
    ‘Oh God! if I worship you in fear of Hell, burn me in it.
    If I worship you for hope of Heaven, keep me from it.
    But if i worship you for your own behalf,
    dont withold from me your everlasting love and beauty.’

    this benidection has always inspired me because at its core is the idea that we worship God only for love of God. what a simple, concise, and poignant expression.

    as parents we teach our children how to love a spouse in our actions towards our spouse. children see everything. when they see a daddy who treats mommy as a daughter of God, that child grows to expect the same from her husband or his wife. in parallel, a child grows into a good parent by having good parents and ood examples. in the Quran, old testiment, or Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is but one promise from God that we can live a long life. that we honor our mothers and fathers that our days upon the earth might be long. so should we guide our children in rightous example and parience, teaching them to love in all loves forms.

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