A Thought from Thunder

At Brewton-Parker College, my co-workers and I were in the middle of another busy day when we heard a summer storm announce it’s approach. The clap of thunder we had just heard immediately changed the pace of the work day. Some of my co-workers immediately unplugged their computers, another soon announced that they were checking the weather, and still others began discussing how fond they were of the noise and the coming rain. One of the visiting students who was scheduled for a tour decided they wanted to wait until the rain had come and gone. Another student who was waiting to register for her classes didn’t mind the noise or the rain at all, even walking without an umbrella as she left in steady rainstorm. Thunder is one of those amazing things that everyone responds to.

My thoughts went to my wife and how I knew she was at home ready to watch and enjoy another rain storm, but then to how awesome the power of thunder can be. God made thunder so that people from miles around can hear the sound that comes from the surging bolts of lightning that strike the earth. When the rumble of Thunder is heard, everyone has some kind of response; from fear to happiness, to action or indifference. Thunder will receive the attention of all those who hear it.

Finally, my thoughts came to think of how amazing it would be if the Word of God received the same treatment as Thunder. God’s word should be met with reaction whenever it is heard. When God’s teachings are spoken, men and women everywhere should know a response is expected. God’s word is powerful, as it carries the influence to change lives, the integrity to proclaim absolute truths, and the character to challenge unrighteous cultures. God’s word is gentle as it gives hope to those without hope, and comfort even in times of sorrow or mourning. However, we know today that there are many people, both among sinners and saints, who often view the word of God as out-dated or simply not worth any kind of response at all. What a sad state our world is in!

Personally, it is my prayer that as a minister of the gospel, the word of God would Thunder as God uses me as a voice for His teachings! As we His people declare the Love of Christ from the Gospels, I pray that the hearers of His word would have their heart melted as they are embraced by the reality of His atoning sacrifice. As we His people proclaim His teachings on sin and justice, I pray that the men and women would tremble until they relent to God’s call to righteousness. However God calls us to spread his teachings, may you and I be blessed with a clear response from all who will hear God’s Word!

Written by Timothy Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!


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