Site News for Mid-September 2012

Life around the Hegerich family has been busy this week, but the fun has not yet begun! As you can see by the count down, my wife and I are eagerly expecting our first daughter in less than a week. Needless to say, blogging will take a back seat for a few weeks once Lydia, our daughter, arrives.

For the week prior to her arrival, there should still be a few new posts. Look out for a new post on Monday, the 17th. This next post will be available a day earlier @ , as I have been asked to be a guest writer for this weekend. I hope to have a follow-up post for, “Can I Have a Pen?” available in the middle of this week as well.

Towards the beginning of October, I should return to offering weekly posts, as they are a part of my Wednesday Night teaching plan for my church.

I appreciate all those who have read my blog and taken the time to follow it and share it with others they know. I look forward to offering many more devotional thoughts with you to encourage us as we walk along the way God leads us.


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