What’s your sign?

I will never forget eating lunch in Hawkinsville, GA this past January. After finishing a visit to Hawkinsville High School, I went to eat lunch at one of the local places. The food was okay. The waitress was polite, but I expect that as well. What surprised me were the signs the cook/owner had on the wall. As I am coming back to Hawkinsville today, I looked through my old pictures from my phone, and sure enough I had a picture of one of his signs. There is a bit of poor language from this picture.












While I’m sure that has some appeal to some people, I began questioning my choice of lunch venues. I didn’t want to ask for anything, like ketchup to go with my fries, because I simply didn’t know what to expect from the cook. I also became more critical of the meal I was offered. I had ordered a Philly Cheese Steak, and as a man from New Jersey I have high standards for a Philly. I went from thinking I would enjoy a local menu to thinking there is no way this will meet my expectations.

As I look back on this lunch, I’m now asking myself if this doesn’t illustrate the way some Christians live. We all know that the world is watching us, to see if the people of Christ look like our savior or not. My question is, what message do others receive when they look at your life?

Our faith should be a delicious one! Scripture promises life more abundantly, peace that passes understanding, and eternal joy! Those would all be top selling menu items at a restaurant would they not? Why aren’t Christians getting many takers on such an amazing offer? Maybe what people see when we live is the wrong message. Sure scripture promised life more abundantly, but perhaps we just show others that Christian living is about complaining when life isn’t what we want it to be. Where is our peace that passes understanding when that coworker has just gotten on your very last nerve?

I’m not afraid to say that this is an area of life I need God’s help with myself. Many Christian teachers are right to remind us that our life, and how we live it, will not save a soul by itself. We know Romans teaches that faith comes by hearing, but responding to that message gets a lot easier when there are lives that are easy to find, gleaming with the message of hope, peace, joy and life that Jesus offers. What are the lost seeing from the signs surrounding your life?


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