New Link to be added: Christian Artist – Ele Gilliland

I recently was working for Brewton-Parker during the Georgia Baptist’s Annual Convention. I was part of a team that managed a display table for the college, but before I went to lunch I went and did some shopping at the Lifeway store that had been set up.  I went to the cashier to purchase what I had gathered, and this man happened to be the father of an up and coming Christian Artist. We had a casual conversation, but as Lord would have it, we met again once we went to lunch. He gave me a CD to listen to, and the artist was his daughter, Ele Gilliland.

As I drove back to the church that the convention was being held at, I played a bit of the CD and I really enjoyed what I heard. She had a great voice and she had even written a few of the songs on the CD. What was most impressive is that Ele is just 15 to what her dad told me. The lyrics to her song, “Your Girl” were very creative while her song “Your Love Lifts Me,” is strong and encouraging. Her album was mostly contemporary, but the album had a vintage feel to it, so I imagine she enjoys hymns as well.

Please take the time to visit her website and listen to her music. I look forward to hearing more from this talented young woman. I pray God blesses her ministry to come!


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