Site News: 2012 Review and Looking Forward

2012 Review

Written By Blazin was revived in May of last year and articles were posted on a consistent, weekly basis from July forward. More than 30 devotional writings were posted through the last 8 months gathering more than 500 views for the year. Articles from Written By Blazin have also been used on the blog, Daily Signs of Hope. Posts on this site have been read by people in 22 different countries, spanning every continent other than Antarctica and South America. Thanks for a great first year, and I pray that this site will be blessing to you each week for a long time to come.

Looking Forward

With the addition of Saturday Night Call’s to Worship, there will be at least two posts a week for the foreseeable future. It is my intention to write the ‘You Have Heard it Sung’ devotional series on a more regular basis in the near future. I’m considering putting together some sort of donation campaign put together through the site. There may also be a name change in the future to allow for a potential addition of guest authors.

What can you do?

There are two things that I would ask you to do. First, please leave feedback on posts and the site. I want these devotional posts to bless others, and any thoughts to that effect would be greatly welcomed. Secondly, please visit from time to time and share the posts you like in any way you like. It will be your help in sharing these posts that will increase the traffic received from search engines. Search engine traffic is a great way to reach readers who might not otherwise read Christian material.

I look forward to another year sharing thoughts of Christian guidance, instruction, and hope! I pray that you will help me increase the impact this ministry will have for the year to come.


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