Junk Mail

Have you ever had a day when you go to your mailbox looking for that package you were expecting and you are met with a mailbox full of useless junk? There are not too many people that enjoy junk mail, whether they are credit card offers, local sales papers or just the run of the mill cable or satellite TV push. Who really wants junk mail?

If you are like me, from time to time you wonder why some companies even bother with sending you junk in the mail. If I wanted to do business with them, couldn’t they at least wait for me to contact them? What makes them think that I’m going to be more inclined to do business with them when they regularly bother me with worthless ads?

Before you begin to walk to your mail box, can I ask you to consider something with me for a moment? Could the Lord see your prayer life as Junk Mail? When you offer your prayers to Him, is there really any point to your words, or is your message mostly void of value? In the book of Isaiah, the first chapter of the book has a portion of test where the prophet tells of how the Lord does not want worthless sacrifice or many prayers that have no commitment to them.

To help us answer this question, we can start by asking what it is about junk mail that we do not like. One thing that can get old quick is the regular bombardment of a company’s tagline. Since many of the junk mailing companies have TV commercials advertising their deals and specials, why do I need something else to remind me about your trade mark qualities and special discounts? In regards to our prayer life, maybe we need to make sure that when we talk with the Lord, we’re not just constantly offering our own personal catch phrases.

Another thing that is often frustrating about junk mail is that the deals really aren’t that great. One ad I keep seeing is offering a special, limited-time only discount for their service, but that discount keeps coming back every month just presented differently. I’ve begun to wonder that since they can offer this deal so often and so easily, why is it not the regular price? When you speak with God, are you constantly offering a deal that should be a part of your life with Christ anyway?

Then there are the items that talk up a service or brand that you or someone you know has already tried. The ad is glamorizing some nice high points, but you have learned some way or another that the pros to their offer will not out way the problems or stress their company has caused. Have there been prayers you’ve offered that promise to get some small things right with the Lord, but don’t touch the things that you know God wants you to deal with?

While many of us offer God plenty of junk mail through our prayer lives, God is not like us in that he still wants to keep hearing from us. All God is asking of us, His people, is to make our communications with Him more honest, and more about genuinely changing ways where we are failing Him. I hope the next time you open your mailbox and see those pieces of mail that are destined to go straight in the trash, that you will consider what you are sending to the Lord each time you bow your head or fold your hands.

Written by Timothy Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!


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