Site News February

Goole SearchDepending on which ground hog your going by, I hope you are looking forward to the early spring, or that you can stay bundled up and warm for the next 6 weeks of winter. If you are from the latter group, I hope you’ll take this as a chance to read some more posts on the site and share them with other around you who are likely to be staying inside as well. I’m not ignoring those preparing for the early spring though, as I hope you will find someone with an Iphone or some other mobile device and take a read one a week as well.

God blessed this past month, January 2013 with over one hundred hits for the month. I’m blessed to know that another reader found this blog via a search engine almost every other day last month. I’m also very glad to see continued support from those who see my posts through facebook and ChristianForums.Net. I still desire to see this blog touching lives across my nation, the USA, and around the world, so there will certainly be more posts to come.

My next post will be coming Wednesday night, but until then thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll visit again soon.


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