Site News: March 2013

As the calendar makes it’s way closer to spring, I wanted to take a few moments to share what God has been doing here at, “Written By Blazin.” February was a great month for the blog, posting the second highest number of total hits in this blogs history. God brought readers from around the world again with viewers from 13 different countries. Both Search Engines and Christian continued to be great gateways to reaching viewers. We also had a large group of women visit the site from come by after my wife shared a link there. I’m glad to see that God is using this blog to reach lives with messages of encouragement, instruction and hope.

Coming later this month, I will be adding a new topic to the site that will be more or less a spin-off from my most recent devotional. I will be adding a Temptation Response Guide to the pages available at the top of the site. This guide will be a simple topic by topic list of the temptations we all struggle with and how we can respond to these temptations with God’s Word. This will be a living guide, so it may start small, but my aim is to have it build into a tool that you’ll keep bookmarked in your web browser.

Thank you for your support and to God be the Glory!


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