Testimonies of a Father: Obvious Faith

Every parent has moments where they are surprised by their children. My little boy is growing like a weed both physically and mentally, but there is also something that his mother and I are praying will grow just as well, and that would be His relationship with the Lord. We are so blessed to see God’s hand at work in his life as our son grows. While it will be up to the Lord to cultivate much of the relationship our boy has with Christ one day, there are some things my wife and I can do that will encourage our son to seek such a relationship. One of the easiest is simply making the effort to keep our faith out in the open where our son can see it.

Each night we rock our son to sleep as part of his bed-time routine. As we rock him, we will sing to him as our way of calming him down before he goes night-night, and the songs we sing are hymns and praise choruses. So each night our little boy is hearing songs like “Majesty”, “In His Time”, or “Open our Eyes, Lord“. Now that he is beginning to talk more, he has also begun singing. Guess which songs He sings? He loves the songs so much that there are some days he will climb in our labs and insist we sing to him. There have been some nights we have heard him from his room singing, “There’s Something about That Name” at the top of his lungs. Our son is learning praise just because we sing it with him.

Then there is his Bible. As a Pastor, there are bound to be times I am reading my Bible while my son is around me. For a while, we wouldn’t let him touch my Bible for fear he would tear out pages while he examines it. However, our little boy loves books. This Christmas, he got his first picture Bible. My wife has made reading his Bible a part of our breakfast routine, and the last few days he has been begging for more. It may not be the full story, but he is learning an appreciation for God’s word if only because it is a book he can love like any other.

The most wonderful part of what we are seeing is the fact that a child less than two years old will willingly learn about the Lord simply because his parents are putting His way out there for him to see. I know there are times he sees our failure too, but as God helps us to keep our faith where he can see it, he is seeing genuine efforts from his parents to live right for the Lord.

Maybe you are not a parent yet, or perhaps your children are no longer the sponges of knowledge they were at my son’s age, but I fully believe that when our faith is out there for others to see, God will make sure it does not go unnoticed. We all know that God made our brains to take in all sorts of information from every sense he has given us. We have all had those moments where we have met someone that did something that was hard to forget. For Christians, I believe that God wants us to live with our faith out in the open so that as we interact with the world around us, the minds of others see bits and pieces of who our Lord is. We may not know what the end results will be, but if we are going to live Christian lives anyway, why not live them for all to see.


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