Site News: April 2013

Welcome to April! As 2013 is already one quarter of the way completed, Written by Blazin is still on track to have an incredibly blessed year. Two great things happened this past month, the first happening on March 7th when Written by Blazin’ welcomed it’s 1000th guest. The second wonderful bit of news comes in the form of knowing that through the end of March, Written by Blazin has already gathered half as many visits in three months as it did all last year! This month we saw first time readers from Pakistan, Ecuador, Nepal, and the Netherlands, which means Written by Blazin has now been read in 35 different countries.

March also witnessed the beginning of my Temptation Defense Guide. This new series is aimed at helping Christians defend themselves from the temptations we face each day in the same way Jesus would have, using God’s word itself to remind us how Jesus may have responded to these temptations.

Thank you for your support, and I hope that you will share this site with someone soon. For His Glory and His Kingdom!


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