Tempted by Past Sins

The Temptation: There are some struggles that Christians will face for a long time, if not a life time. We all at times can find ourselves being tempted by ‘past demons.’ We committed those sins before because we felt we needed to, or we had a strong urge compelling us to do whatever it was we were not supposed to do. Repeatedly engaging in the use of derogatory humor is usually brought on from the sense of admiration we receive for being the ‘funny’ person. The abuse of alcohol is often related to a need for escape, and getting drunk is just the easiest way for some to find the escape they need. After lengthy struggles with these sins, we can often find ourselves feeling like there will never be freedom from these failings.

The Passage: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 [ESV] (Click for: KJV / AMP / NRSV)

The Examples:

Lifetime of Lying: I know lying is wrong, but I only do it to make situations better for those involved. (In Christ, you are a new Creation who should desire truth!)

Lifetime of Gossip: The truth needs to be heard, just not by the people I’m taking about. (In Christ, the old has passed away, and all truth should be spoken in love!)

Lifetime of Addiction: I don’t mean to get drunk, but I can’t break away from the taste of a good, hard drink. (In Christ, the new has come, so let Him and his people guide you into the a new phase of life!)

The Challenge: Change is often hard for everyone, whether we are talking Christians or Non-Believers. However, we as Christians have an additional source of motivation found in the Holy Spirit that indwells you and me. Keeping God’s word close at hand, and releasing more of our lives to the Spirit can give us the edge we need to see some of these lifelong struggles become fresh victories for the Lord!


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