Aim Higher

We’ve all heard the old US Army slogan, “Be all that you can be.” The notion behind this thought is that we all have vast amounts of potential, so why not fulfill all the potential available to you? This old slogan challenged many young men and women to realize that they had not reached their full potential, and the US Army wanted to play a role in assuring they were the best they could be at whatever they wanted to pursue. What about you? As you grow in your relationship with the Lord, have you reached all the potential your life is intended to have? I know it is safe to say that you and I can aim higher than how we live right now.

While there are plenty of things in our new lives as Christians that are not under our control, you and I can choose to aim higher and grow as believers of the risen Christ. You and I do not  control who will be saved and who will be condemned eternally, but we can aim higher and decide that we will be the Lord’s spokesman as often as He desires. Christians do not control which prayers are answered which way, but we do have the ability to bring every issue and concern before the Lord who hears our petitions. We don’t get to pick which messages we hear in songs or sermons when we gather for fellowship, but we can decide to strive in what we understand and how to share the Good News.

As cliche as it may sound, your relationship with Christ can be as great as you want it to be. If you want more knowledge of scripture, you will need to be the one opening the Bible and considering it’s words. If you want to see more prayers answered, ask the Lord to use you more to reach the needs of others around you. If you want the world to hear the gospel, use the voice you have been given and let it be heard. It may sound too simple to be true, but all of these spiritual victories can be ours if we just aim higher, and strive to grow more with our Lord, Jesus.

So here are a few practical thoughts on how you and I might aim higher as we live the lives we are used to:

1. If you are a regular attendee of Sunday School somewhere, ask questions that you want more understanding in! Your teacher may not have the answer, but hopefully the other believers around you will at least offer the insights they have received from the Lord regarding your question. Aim for more knowledge!

2.If your work environment is too stressful, make more efforts to focus on what the Lord wants out of you instead of what everyone else is trying to get you to do. The more we seek God, I am confident that He will guide us into success in our professions. Aim for more understanding!

3. Perhaps you often find yourself in situations where Godly thoughts are not very common. Take more time to talk with the Lord, one on one, and at least your mind will be closer to him. Aim for more of His heart!

Please remember that when we are in a relationship with the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God of creation, our relationship will always have more potential. Press on towards a goal of pleasing our savior, and strive to continually aim higher.

Written by Timothy Hegerich / Edited by Caroline Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!


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