The MiniMOM Wage

Where would we be without Mom’s?

You know, Moms are hard working people. For several years now this has been recognized by many people by calling motherhood a profession and career. I agree with this idea wholeheartedly, and in fact I think it’s time they were compensated for their hard work. I would like to petition the US government to pass a law that would pay moms a minimum wage for all their hard work. This MimiMOM Wage would be a fair way for those in Washington to recognize the immense impact good mom’s have on our country. Since they are always looking for ways to spend more money anyway, why not send it to those who deserve it?

So how would we determine what this MimiMOM wage should be? Well since we know moms wear plenty of hats, after picking them up off their children’s floors, why not give them a wage equal to those who fulfill such roles outside the home? I’m not just suggesting the highest wage earner of all their many titles, I would petition that this wage be the sum total of several of the jobs our wonderful moms do.

So to start, here are just 10 Full-Time Positions that most Mom’s fill:

1)      Fashion Consultant (Toddlers aren’t the best at dressing themselves, you know?)

2)      Head Chef (3 times a day x number of children + herself…most of the time.)

3)      Waste Management Professional (Gotta Love the Early Years)

4)      Career Consultant (Husbands need support and sometimes fresh ideas)

5)      Mediator (Who REALLY had the toy first and is there a workable compromise)

6)      Housekeeper (A clean house takes work.  Husbands, this is different than a French maid…)

7)      Law Enforcement Professional (The five year old has violated the no hitting rule…again…)

8)      Educator (I wasn’t the one who had my son saying his whole alphabet at 19 months…)

9)      Nurse (“Momma, I got an owie…”)

10)   Cab Driver (4 kids with 7 different clubs each week…)

Now, here are the average annual earnings of those in the above careers. In the brackets beside them will be their hourly earnings based on 40 hours of work for 52 weeks of a year. The annual earnings averages were provided by and

1)      Fashion Consultant –       $64,300 (Hourly $30.90)

2)      Head Chef –                        $40,100 ($19.10)

3)      Waste Management –    $61,000 ($29.32)

4)      Career Consultant –         $34,000 ($16.35)

5)      Mediator –                          $51,000 ($24.52)

6)      Housekeeper –                  $20,000 ($9.61)

7)      Law Enforcement –          $74,000 ($35.58)

8)      Educator –                           $50,500 ($24.28)

9)      Nurse –                                $24,000 ($11.54)

10)   Cab Driver –                        $25,000 ($12.02)

So based on just these 10 Jobs which moms fill on a daily basis, their annual earnings should be well over $440,000 a year, and roughly $213 dollars an hour. This does not include the immense amount of overtime moms work, because what mom mothers only 40 hours a week?  We could also look at holiday pay, performance bonuses, and a reasonable pension.

President Obama, the time to act is now! Moms across this great nation are being significantly under-compensated for their enormous contributions they make to this great country. Send a message across this great land that Mom’s are among the very best our nation has to offer, and instate a MimiMOM Wage of no less than $213 dollars an hour today!

Written by Timothy Hegerich / Edited by Caroline Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!


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