Site News: June 2013

Spring is winding down and the long hot days of summer are near. It just so happens that while the days are getting warmer, the activity around Written by Blazin’ is growing as well. May was the third best month ever for the site. International traffic slowed down a bit with only 5 different countries visiting in May, but the site was able to welcome our first two visitors from Fiji. This means Written by Blazin’ has now had guests from 41 different countries in the last year. Thank you to all those who share my posts with their friends. I pray these posts will impact the lives of many of God’s children!


With all this said, I’d like to share a bit of personal news as well. My family and I will be moving to Virginia or West Virginia this month to join the staff of Bluefield College. We are looking forward to the changes that God will bring to our lives as we leave. Please stay tuned as I will be posting pictures here on the site of our new surroundings once we arrive.

Thank you again for coming by!


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