YHHS: He is With You, by Mandisa

The first half of the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3  is a section of scripture many Christians have come to know well. The principle it authors simply reminds us that we all will have various seasons in life to face. We all come into this world through our birth, and we will leave this world one day in death. We will have times where we feel loved, and others where we feel life is out to get us. So indeed we all go through different seasons in life, including some we do not want to go through.

When you read the first eight verses you will notice all the different stages in life we find ourselves in, but there is a truth that ties these seasons together that Mandisa’s song, “He is with you,” reminds us of. Whatever season we find ourselves in, we can still trust that God is with us! Whether it is a season to be silent or a season to speak up, God is with us to let us know what needs to be said and when to say what He has given us to speak. When we find ourselves mourning, He can comfort us. When we find ourselves in times of celebration, it will be His goodness we are rejoicing for.

Mandisa’s song couples these thoughts from Ecclesiastes with situations you may be facing in your life today. Her lyrics are relevant and personal, and her passion as she sings is as clear as ever. Whether you are an overworked father or under-loved wife, these seasons can be faced with God at our side! Watch the video and let these lyrics remind you in your tougher seasons of life that God is with you.


One comment

  1. There are many season that follow after that. There are seasons of uncertainty. These are seasons when you know God is working but even though you believe He is working, God may not be revealing anything specific and you cannot make sense of the things that are going on in your life. These are seasons where God is teaching us to totally depend on him. For most Christians it is a scary place because we are used to depending on ourselves.

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