The Evaluation

Hard at WorkSo my role at Bluefield College is a little bit different than it was at Brewton-Parker. One of my responsibilities as the Transfer Counselor at Bluefield College is to evaluate transcripts for incoming students. This is the process by which a college looks at the courses a person has already taken at another college or university and then determines how those classes will fit within our degree programs. Some classes have no value at Bluefield while other courses may. Then, those classes that have value are compared to the required courses for the degree program the student is seeking, and at the end of the evaluation we can tell a student approximately how long it will take them to complete their degree with our school.

This process is not difficult because the time has been taken long before I arrived to decide what classes we accept and how. This is a process that every transfer student will go through before they can become a student at Bluefield. There have been times though when I cannot take a student’s class and give them credit for it. We’re not trying to ignore someone’s hard work, but there are things like accreditation and what the course actually taught that can suggest the effort a student has put into a course was not enough. However, some students naturally do not like finding out their hard work did not have the value they expected.

This evening as I thought about my job, it occurred to me that this last part about the evaluation process will ring home for every man and woman one day. This evaluation process is a judgment on the value of a person’s study and effort. One day, every person who has ever lived will have their life judged as well. This evaluation will not be difficult, as it will hedge on just one decision; Did you make Jesus the Lord of your life?

I imagine that when we are all standing before our holy God, and we are being judged for what we have done in life, there will be many who will be looking back at all the things they did and hoping it adds up to a pardon for their sin. However, no amount of effort on our part can atone for the amount of sin in our lives. God has set a standard for admission into His heavenly kingdom that is very high, and that is to live a life in complete obedience to Him. Our world is full of examples of ways we should live for ourselves instead. Therefore, if we have not met the standard for acceptance  into His kingdom, we are foolish to think we will gain admission.

The admission you and I need to live in God’s perfect kingdom is not effort, a tough life’s story, a special degree or any amazing skill.  Admission into heaven requires sinless living, and that alone. That kind of life has been lived by one man, Jesus Christ. God has allowed that anyone who accepts Jesus as their master may join Him in entering His heaven.

Stop evaluating your life by how good you are, because that means nothing. The evaluation that we all will face one day is simple. Who is your Lord and Master? If you are your own boss, then enjoy what you can now, but don’t think that you will be given any special pardon. Either Jesus is your King or He is not. Are you ready for your evaluation?

Written by Timothy Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!


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