Tempted to Doubt God’s Presence

The Temptation: No one likes being alone. In fact, one of the first things God provided for man after his creation was a companion so that the man would not be alone. Men have been praising God ever since for wisely giving some of us wives and children to provide the companionship we need. As great as a spouse and children are though, sometimes we still find times when we feel alone. This is because we do not see the one who is always there, and that is the Lord God Himself! Where our eyes fail to see Him, wisdom and faith teach us that God is always with us. That does not mean that the enemy does not do all he can to get us to doubt this truth. There are numerous times in our lives when you and I could really use the assurance that God has not left our side.

The Passage: ” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you always. ” Joshua 1:9 [ESV] (Click for: NIV / KJV / AMP )

The Examples:

Are you tempted by Sin while alone? – I’m broke and I know where I can get some money from a family member without them knowing, (What has God commanded of you? He is with you and will care for you without you forsaking his teachings)

Are you tempted to give-in when no one else will stand for His Word? – I feel like everyone in my youth group has gone too far in a relationship, Why should I wait? (Be Strong and Courageous! The Lord is with you and will bless those who honor His teachings)

Are you tempted to fear the enemy’s power? – This city is full of crime, it is just not safe to witness here. (Do not be frightened! God is with you and His plans do not fail!)

The Challenge: If you claim Jesus as your Master and Lord, then his promise to Joshua all those years ago is true for you. God will never abandon one of His children. He knew at the beginning of time how mankind would struggle with darkness in their times of loneliness, When his creation fell to sin in a time they felt alone, He still came to seek them and even promised them that He would crush the deceiver and his darkness. God is with us, so I pray that today He will stomp out the doubts and loneliness you battle too!


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