Tempted to Doubt God’s Goodness

The Temptation: What if God isn’t as good as we think He is? Our adversary, the devil, is no doubt smiling when he convinces someone to ask this question. We can study the Bible to find out that God does not put us in the path of harm, but there are some people who wonder if God isn’t really putting that trial in our path just to get back at us. If God is so good, another would say, then why does He plan to banish those who do not follow him in their life on earth to a place of torment? There are endless questions we could ask that would certainly make us wonder how good God can be. What better way to get us to sin against the Lord than for us to wonder if the God we are following is really all He claims to be.

The Passage: “The Lord is good to all, and His mercy is over all that he has made.” Psalm 145:9 [ESV] (Click for NLT/ KJV / NRSV )

The Examples:

Would a Good God never give me true love? “I have prayed and prayed for a husband, but I just don’t seem to be meeting anyone.” God is good, and consider how He shows us mercy by not just bringing any old person into our lives!

Wouldn’t a Good God give me something I want? “I’d love to have a job like that, but I guess that God doesn’t want me to be happy.” God is Good, and will provide for our needs even when we are in situations we do not like.

Why would a Good God allow my loved one to suffer? “My son and his wife would really like a baby, so why would God allow for a miscarriage?” God is Good, and while He does not cause suffering, He teaches us to show His love to others through the hard times we have faced.

The Challenge: There are times when it is not hard to know that our God is good, but we just struggle to see specific examples in our life. There is no need to look too hard, as we all can see God’s blessings in our life. There are times when we feel like God is not being good to us, when God is just preparing something better than we can expect. The best way to combat the temptation to doubt God’s goodness is to look around at everything we already have and consider what life would be without these things.


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