It Goes Without Saying…

Recently, here at Bluefield College, we had an Open House event on campus. As you would expect, as part of the Open House we offered our guests a tour of our campus. Since we had around 80 people on campus that morning, we toured our guests in large groups. As some of the guests in our group were looking around our library, a concern was raised that some of our guests were expecting more of a Christian emphasis. Needless to say, the tour guide didn’t quite know what to say. As Bluefield College is proudly a Baptist College, you may be wondering what it was that was missing from the event to spark such a question. As our team discussed the event the next day, we were wondering as well.

We opened the morning by having our voice ensemble, Variations, perform a few numbers, all three of them had Christian messages, one song being, “Be Thou My Vision.” Our President then spoke briefly about our college’s mission to encourage the whole student, looking to make sure that they are both academically able and ready to engage a global economy with both the right tools and a heart founded on Christian values. We had our faculty on hand  to meet with parents, and to answer specific questions on how they integrate faith with the lectures they offer. That afternoon we even had a student panel who, without prompting, continually mentioned how God was working in their lives as they grow in their knowledge of both Christ and the knowledge needed for their coming careers. This was all in the span of just four hours, so we we’re just plain confused as to what we were missing. The only thing that a family mentioned in their discussion with one of our counselors was that they were expecting the event to open with a prayer.

While I know some of you are thinking that we should have planned better to assure a prayer was said, let me give you something to consider first. Would anyone who was not saved have gotten the idea that they were not at a Christian College? it could be said that while it was clear we were a Christian college we should have done more, if something so obvious as a prayer was not said. So, let me draw your attention to the Bible for a moment, and in particular, the book of Esther.

At the very least, I know we mentioned God more often than in the book of Esther. In fact, some will know that the book of Esther never directly mentions God once. Mordecai does not tell Haman why he will not bow to him. Esther is not said to be wearing a Christian t-shirt when she is taken to be part of the Kings harem. In fact, the book of Esther has very few active examples of Christian behavior at all. Should we consider this an inferior book in the Bible? Hardly!

As you read this book, the reader assumes that Mordecai and Esther are good Jews because their actions resemble those of a person who fears the Lord. Mordecai does not bow to Haman, because Mordecai knew he should not bow to an idol, which Haman wanted himself to be in the lives of the people. Esther did not protest her capture to the harem because she was honoring the one who was in authority over her. Esther approached the king even when her life could be taken from her because she trusted that God would take care of her. The Jews, when they are attacked at the end of the book, by faith defend themselves because they know that God has helped them to overcome many other losing battles before in their history. Should we discredit all of this wonderful, God-fearing behavior because the book did not open with a call to worship or because no where did Mordecai ask for a tithe?

The great thing about growing in your walk with Jesus is that the more you make him your Master in each area of your life, the more that His gospel spills from your life. What is sad is that too often we are looking too much for the typical “Christian” behaviors or markings to see when a person is just clearly living a life in complete service to Jesus. We all know that you do not have to be preaching a sermon every time you are speaking to be a “Good Christian.” This is because as we mature in our walk with Jesus, our life is a continual sermon and testimony proving God to be the wonderful, loving creator that we claim Him to be. Sometimes, it just goes without saying!

Written by Timothy Hegerich / Edited by Caroline Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!



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