YHHS: You Write the Words, by FFH

Have you noticed I haven’t had as much to share with you lately? I really enjoy writing these posts to allow anyone who will read them to have another thought to consider as they live their lives with the Lord. It is a blessing to share God’s word to those who will take the time to read my way of sharing His truths. However, like many a writer before me, this has just been a season where I just don’t know if I have something to write that is really worth your time or that really will be an impact for His kingdom and have meaning to His people. Recently, a song came to my mind that really shares what is going on in my life, and that song is, “You Write the Words by FFH.

The song starts out with this simple refrain;

“I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I don’t know what to write that hasn’t already been read. I don’t know what to play that you haven’t already heard, so here’s my song, You write the words. Here’s my heart. You write the Words.”

You see, in God’s kingdom, as I write to people who are living lives in fellowship with Jesus, there aren’t too many things I could say that is not already something God has shared with you at some point. So while I may share a truth in scripture from a different point of view, the message God wants me to convey isn’t new. This is certainly just fine, as God is who He is. But there is a part of me that still REALLY wants for what I write to hit home and spur a change in your life. FFH puts it like this;

“So who am I to make any difference? Tell me why I pour out my heart and I struggle for the words that I know might not go very far?”

You know something? I can answer both questions very easily. I cannot make any difference in your life. I may be able to type the words, but if there is any power in them it comes from the Lord who is at work in your life. I can bring to light a nuance of life that may cause us to see a small glimmer of our awesome God, but that nuance is only interesting because it shows us more of that VERY awesome God! Frankly, I struggle for words to write because there needs to be times in our lives where we cannot add anything to the power and wonder that we find in our God. If I am sharing a truth about Jesus, it is only because the truth has already been given to me and successfully revealed to me through the Holy Spirit first.

So whether the words I type are read by a few folks or by a hundred, the things I write have very little value without God. The best thing I can do sometimes is to remind you that if you really want to see God’s wonder today, look for the words that God is giving directly to you as you live for him. I know the Lord has a message for all those who seek Him, take the time to search for what he has written in His plan for your life!

Written by Timothy Hegerich / Edited by Caroline Hegerich

There is truth in our world, and it lies within the word of the One who created the world.  It is my prayer that my thoughts and writings echo this truth and inspire you to seek it for your life today!



  1. I need to find help for a fruitless Christian who has been called in denial and just plain fruitless and ignored. Since my divorce, I can’t find few casual let alone true friends. My personal, professional and spiritual lives are in shambles despite seeking God will. I’ve had pastors tell me I’m not saved, and asked “how did you find us?” and worse. I do not believe I am the deluded liar nor am I a perfect saint above others. I am sliding downhill faster than you can imagine. Please help me thrive for the glory of God.

    1. Debbie, My wife and I would be glad to speak with you at sometime in the near future, at least via email. Shoot us an email at caromurp@gmail.com and we will begin our discussion that way. At the very least, we are ready to hear what is on your heart, and with God’s help, we might be able to share some direction with you as well.

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