The Case for Christian Higher Education: Part 1

This is an blog post from when I first started at Bluefield College. I still think the words are true, and I am hoping to reboot this topic in the near future.

Sweet Sweet Sounds

This September, I am beginning my sixth year of serving on the recruitment staff for Christian Colleges. Those who knew me as I was growing up would tell you that this is probably not the career they expected to find me in. I am an ordained Baptist minister, but my pulpit is not found in a church these days. As I have followed God’s path thus far, I have found that challenging His people to educate themselves at colleges and universities dedicated to Him is a calling and a ministry as well. This series will share with you just some of the reasons why the people of God should seriously consider developing their unique skills and their minds at private, Christian institutions for higher Learning.

Part 1: Knowledge Begins with the Fear of the Lord!

The world has never known a wiser man than Solomon. His wisdom was so profound…

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