New Music! – “This Is Not A Test” from TobyMac

Toby Mac.This is not a Test“This Is Not A Test” from TobyMac

Released: August 7th, 2015 / Total Tracks: 11 / My Favorite Song: Move (Keep Walkin’) / Already on the Radio: (8) Beyond Me, (6) Feel It / Sweet Sweet Album Rating : 4.1 stars (out of 5 stars)

Warning: This album contains several catchy songs. Be prepared to have some of these songs stuck in your head.

Toby Mac’s new album is just what you would expect from the high energy performer we’ve been hearing from for nearly … … thirty years. The lead track, Like A Match, starts off the disc with a fun song  and you just might hit repeat to play it again. The next 5 tracks have guest artists featured including Hollyn, Tru, NF, Capital Kings, and Mr. Talkbox.

When you get to song number 7, I would personally recommend rollin’ down the windows, maxing-out the volume, and pumping up the bass. Move (Keep Walkin’) is a fun song about looking ahead when you feel rundown or just down in the dumps. Obviously, the encouragement is to keep going. Oh, and remember to lift your head up as you strive forward.

The last 4 tracks are more of the same. The 8th track is Love Broke Thru, another up beat song about meeting up with God and watching what God does to change your life. By now, you’ve heard Beyond Me on K-LOVE or another Christian radio station, but now you can own the song as part of this release. For us listeners who are awaiting the return of DC Talk, we get a taste of what we dream about on the 10th track, Love Feels Like (Feat. DC Talk). So there, now you have good reason to grab this album and give the whole CD a listen. There is also one more track after the DC Talk single.

This Is Not A Test gets my full endorsement. I was not a TobyMac fan in his earlier years, but he has grabbed my attention the last few years. I will note that this album for the most part keeps the high energy music coming, so this will not be a CD everyone will want to hear when they wake up in the morning. However this is exactly the CD you will want to drive home with to regain some energy after a long day. It is a well produced set of music that will satisfy those who like the kind of beat pumping tunes TobyMac has been providing for us through out his career. Thanks Toby.

These are just my thoughts. I encourage you to listen and create your own! Thanks for Reading – Timothy


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