Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!” : ‘Feel It’ from TobyMac

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from September 3rd –  23rd.

Track #6 from TobyMac’s Album, “This Is Not A Test,” was released as a radio single on July 28th this summer. ‘Feel It’ is an upbeat song where Mr. Talkbox and a pumped brass trio join Toby in sharing a message about the overwhelming joy that comes from living as a Christian.

Several of the songs from ‘This Is Not a Test,” deal with various impacts of God’s love. ‘Feel It,’ comes from the angle of how God’s love has epic implications on our lives if we will just take a moment to contemplate it. Consider the thought of God as our comfort; What comfort would we have without God? Would we have our friends? Would we have our possessions? Would we even have any justice in our lives? If you take the time to think of what a Godless world could look like, I would imagine your faith would have a refreshing renewal of perspective.

tobyMacThis is what Toby is sharing in ‘Feel it.’ I see this song as a first person account of what was going through Toby’s mind just before he stoped to write it. Sure enough, as Toby is thinking, he knows that this message is one that should be accompanied by a celebration. When you go to watch the music video, I think the imagery in this message is clearly visible. The cafe guests are just going through another casual day until they start listening to Toby and the guys play. Each guest at their own pace catches up to what Toby is saying, and they can’t contain themselves either. Just like that the cafe is a buzz, and after Mr. Talkbox does his thing there is nothing left but to encourage everyone to FEEL IT! (Which, by the way, makes for an awesome, personal evangelistic message for you and me.)

So Remember, when you hear this song playing on the radio remember that Tim Says,  “TURN IT UP!!!” . . . STARTING NOW!



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