New Music! – ‘We Are’ from The City Harmonic

We Are The City“We Are,” from The City Harmonic

Released: September 4th, 2015 / Total Tracks (Not Deluxe): 11  / My Favorite Song: Maranatha / Already on the Radio: None  / My Radio Recommendations: We Are One, Maranatha, Confession (Agnus Dei) / Sweet Sweet Album Rating: 3.8 Stars (out of 5 Stars)

Warning: This album may contain catchy songs. Be prepared to have some of these songs stuck in your head.

If you were to visit the website or Facebook page for The City Harmonic you would find their latest studio album, “We Are,” was recorded with the aim of creating modern hymns. After listening to the songs several times this weekend, I think there are a few you could hear being sung in a worship service near you very soon.

IanWhen you slide the disc into your CD player or open up your Prime Music account, the CD kicks off with the title song ‘We Are One.’ This song certainly fits the bill of a hymn, as it is easily sung along to. The second track, ‘Maranatha,’ is perfectly placed to provide a very engaging 1-2 tandem to engage the listener. Personal Suggestion: Please try to listen to the next song with-in the next twenty minutes, or you will double the length of the album. In others words, Track #2 is a song you will listen to a few times, and that is okay, but there is more good music. By the way, ‘Maranatha’ comes highly endorsed by my oldest son. After we listened to it together Friday night before putting him to bed, I asked him what he thought of the song. “That song is GREAT, Daddy. You’re going to play it again!” –Ian. (pictured left)

Tracks 3 through 8 are all solid songs. Many from their Facebook following will tell you track #6, ‘Let There Be Light,’ is their favorite. The song is fun, a bit slower than some of the other recordings, and also a very easily memorized song for use in worship gatherings. Not to mention, the song asks that the Word of God shed His light on our lives, so the message is probably very relative to all of our lives. I think you will enjoy the varying styles of each song. There are major mainstream groups who don’t vary as well as they did.

The 9th song, ‘Confession (Agnus Dei),’ is my second favorite on the album. The refrain is powerful, and the fact that a well known group is willing to focus a song on the often forgotten Christian call to confession is very refreshing. However, they didn’t just write a song about confession, they wrote one that pulls you in and reminds you about the gift Christ gives in offering us redemption. I had the CD on shuffle the first time I listened to the songs Friday morning, and got the joy of ‘Maranatha’ and ‘Confession’ back to back. (I’m shocked my co-workers didn’t ask me to stop repeating the two. 🙂 )

The basic CD release has two slower numbers left after ‘Confession,‘ the songs ‘Still and Small,’ and ‘One.’ ‘One’ is a great song of prayer pleading that the church live as … … ONE! I love the message of this one, as personally, I am very saddened by how Christianity has become so divided through denominations that were never intended. This song got me to stop at work and just pray for the Church. We could have such an incredible impact if this was the will of all God’s people.

‘We Are’ is a very good album from my brothers north of the border. ‘Manefesto’ got me hooked 5 years ago, but The City Harmonic has not let that great hit go into the history books alone. I knew then that the guys would bring some more great music our way. Some of those songs have arrived with this release. Thank you Aaron, Elias, Eric and Josh.

Hop over to iTunes and download the new music today! Thanks for reading!- Timothy


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