Be Sure to Listen

Listen man!I’m sure you’ve been told by some librarian somewhere, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Well when it comes to music, don’t judge the song on it’s music. (Unless it is an instrumental piece.) Most songs played on Christian Radio include words, and they are very important to judging the worth of a song. In my eyes, there are a few reasons for this:

  1. Christian Songs are not just aiming to convey a message from the voice singing, but also from the God who inspired the song. It would be a shame not to hear that message because you are not trying to hear it.
  2. While the beat may not be what you looking for (Personal Example: the first time I heard ‘Oceans’ from United), the words may be just the message you need. Again, what good are encouraging words you do not hear because you’ve chosen not to listen?
  3. Hearing how the artists speak about the faith could open your eyes to things you haven’t considered before. It could also be that as you listen you realize the song is not intended to be a praise piece, but is just a good clean song to enjoy rather than some of the things you will hear from on secular stations.

I can think of a few songs that have grown on me after listening to them a few times. While I wasn’t drawn in by the music, as I listened to Sanctus Real’s song, ‘Lead Me,‘ I was moved in a powerful way to take a break at work and ask for a renewed blessing on my marriage and a restored passion in the marriages of God’s people. So again, I just want to encourage you to LISTEN to the songs that come on your radio, not just let them be the background noise while you study. 🙂

Oh, and just in case you haven’t listend to it before, here is ‘Lead Me’ from Sanctus Real.


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