Christian Music History Lesson: I’ll Lead You Home from Michael W. Smith

Michael W SmithMichael W. Smith gets most of his K-Love Radio play these days from his hit song,Breathe,’ which was released in 2001. While he is still an actively recording artist, his star does not shine as bright as it once did. The picture we would see from September 9th 1995 would be very different.  If we were to step back to 20 years ago, his album, ‘I‘ll Lead You Home,’ had just taken over the #1 spot as the Top Selling Christian Album according to Billboards. Not only that, but the album would hold that spot for a straight 10 weeks. Now, he may not have had the same competition modern artists face, but taking 10 weeks from Amy Grant and dcTalk in the 90’s was no small feat.

The songI’ll Lead You Home,’ which is the title track for the album, is an evangelistic song. Michael just asks the question, ‘is life dark and hopeless?’  He knows the way to New Life. Let him help you find Home with Christ! This message marks much of his career. I know our family got a great deal of listening out of this CD. BTW, if you are looking for an easy way to learn the Lord’s Prayer, this album also featured the song ‘As It Is In Heaven.’ This song has stuck with me since I first heard it back when I was a 10 year old. Your child may like it too!

Enjoy this blast from the past! – Timothy


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