Planetshakers – High Energy Praise You’ve Never Heard!

There is no reason God’s people shouldn’t get EXCITED in their worship. The Australian praise band, Planetshakers, certainly embraces this concept. Their church Pastor, Russell Evans, is quoted saying that, ” the church of God should be the greatest party on the Planet.” While I wouldn’t completely agree with that thought, there is certainly truth to the call of the church to worship with joy.

PlanetshakersPlanetshakers is a Pentacostal church originating in Melbourne, Australia. Similar to the well-known Hillsong Church located in Sydney, Planetshakers is a praise band that originated from their role of worship leading for their church. Obviously, their music is catchy, so to the studio they went to release a few albums. To date, there are more than two dozen albums that have been released from the Planetshakers since 200o.

That legacy continued this last Friday when their latest collection, ‘Let’s Go’ is set to be released. Enjoy these samples. You may have found some new favorites!

Enjoy your day! – Timothy


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