‘Let It Out’ from Switchfoot

This summer when it was time to leave for the day, the car windows came down, the volume got maxed out, and I LET IT OUT! ‘Let It Out,’ is a fun song with a typical Switchfoot set of lyrics. (Lyrics Link) The song lyrics are not directly Christian, but I feel like we are being spoken too. While I cannot speak for the guys, I feel like this is a power anthem for evangelism.

The firsFading Westt few lines talk about feeling like we are in a losing effort. I know this is a feeling of many Christians. The song says “from the day we’re born, we’re scarred and torn, we’ve been scared to sing out loud.” Think about the moment of conversion; we’re raw from the realization of our sin, scared of what other people will think, and afraid to talk about the change we’ve decided to make. However, the call we are given from Christ is to let it out, evangelize, and this becomes easier as we grow in our faith. The song hints at how as time passes, ‘we don’t care no more, we know that life is short, and we don’t care who hears us now.” This is the confidence of a grown Christian! Therefore as we grow more bold… LET IT OUT!

Switchfoot may not be your kind of music, but as always, play the song with open ears. Listen for how the song speaks to you. Thanks for reading! – Timothy


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