New Music! ‘Everything I Need’ from Holly Starr

Holly starr‘Everything I Need’ from Holly Starr

Released: September 18th, 2015 / Total Tracks: 7 / My Favorite Song: God Is / Already on the Radio: None / My Radio Picks: God Is, Never Going Back / Sweet Sweet Album Rating : 3.1 Stars (out of 5 stars)

Okay, I know the title of this blog is, ‘You HAVE Heard It Sung.’ I would bet that most people who read this blog HAVE NOT heard anything from Holly Starr. Well, you should, and today is the day! Holly has been playing various venues since 2008, and I’m hoping she’ll start getting national attention soon!

This album, ‘Everything I Need,’ leads off with a track where Holly requests to be used by God to share his light through her. A solid message, Amen? Second on the disc is my second favorite song, ‘Never Going Back.’ This song has a message about how we all have lives that we left behind for one reason or another. This piece has a refrain declaring that she wants to stay in God’s love, and never go back to her old life. I think this song’s message is very relevant to many of us, and I feel like it has more meat to it than some of the songs Kristian Stanfill has gotten played nationally on K-Love. (I’ll stop there….for now.)

Up in the third slot is the album’s title track, ‘Everything I Need.’ I feel like this is a solid praise song. I can’t say it’s the most unique song I’ve heard, but it is still good. Songs 4 through 6 are similarly good, but not great numbers. My favorite of this trio is ‘Forever Faithful,’ a song asking God to sustain our faith. ‘Forever Faithful’ is the fifth track. The final track is my favorite and it is the song that convinced me to buy Holly’s CD.

The final song, ‘God Is,’ is a calm, steady song proclaiming the things that God is for us. The message directly speaks to the power that a relationship with God has to heal pain we face on a day to day basis. My wife and I immediately enjoyed this song. We watched her music video, which was well thought out to relay this message through dealing with a lost loved one while encountering trials at the same time. (Parents of children with Autism, be prepared for a bit of a tear-jerker.)

I can tell you that ‘Everything I Need,’ does not have the professional polish of the industry’s mainstays, but Holly Starr’s work should be getting some attention. I really would love to hear a song of her’s played one day while driving to a college fair. Holly, I look forward to more!

Thank you to all who read and SHARE HER MUSIC! – Timothy

Oh and one more thing…. a hash-tag! – #HSEverthingINeed


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