Tim Says, ‘TURN IT UP!’ – ‘First’ from Lauren Daigle

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from September 24th –  October 14th.

The lead track from Lauren Daigle’s album, ‘How Can It Be,’ is her latest national hit, ‘First.‘ Currently sitting nicely in the top 5 songs on Billboards Hot Christian Songs List, ‘First’ is another unique song from the Cajun of Christian Music.

‘First’ has been playing on the radio since June 20th, and I’ll be honest, the first few times I heard the song I was ready for the next one. I can also admit that this is the second time I was ready to move on from a Lauren Daigle song only to really enjoy it after heard it a few times. Her voice is unique, so I think the struggle is that I’ve got to be ready for her personal sound.

How_Can_It_Be_by_Lauren_DaigleThe message of ‘First’ is pretty straight forward. The first action of a Christian should always be to seek God’s instruction. Once we make this our priority, we will also be able to make other efforts find their place. How can we bring our needs to God if we are not sure they are what God wants for us to have? How can we ask for healing from our pain until we’ve embraced the healing of our soul? God needs to be First!

For the last few weeks I was ready to have ‘Brother’ from Need to Breathe be the second ‘TURN IT UP’ tune, but I just feel like this message is the place to start…because God deserves to be FIRST. When you hear ‘First’ come on your radio later today, ‘TURN IT UP!’ Thanks again! – Timothy … Oh, and here’s a practice run!



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