‘All This Time’ from Britt Nicole

I started writing this post more than 3 years ago. I went into my unfinished drafts and found this song there when I needed to hear it. I just love how God works sometimes.

‘All This Time’ is a testimonial track, which I personally wish more artists would write. Listen to her story. “I remember the moment, I remember the pain…” The first verse of this song shares her testimony, sharing the memories of what she experienced as a 7-year-old girl. Her parents were going through a divorce, and as her world was shattering she recalls how she met Christ as He comforted her sadness. Her strength was gone, and she found that Jesus will care for us when no one else can.

The chorus of the song simply talks about how Jesus was there impacting her life at an incredibly tough moment, and He has continued to do so since then. “All this time,” as she has been living since the day of her conversion, God has been there with her through life. This is a true statement for all of those who have truly met Christ. The sad thing is that we often find ourselves in doubt of this truth. I wish I would keep this song in my heart more often!

Join me in playing the video and embrace the God who is still with you! – Timothy


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