October Preview

Hello Everyone,

Let me start by saying thank you for making my return to blogging a fun one. Over 100 hits from half a dozen countries was a very warm welcome back! I cannot promise I will keep quite that pace moving forward, but there is no reason to expect YHHS to be going anywhere. Please like/share the facebook page and stay engaged with the posts you’ll see coming.

Now, some previews…

Saturday Night Call to Worship – (Google search top link for term!) This weekend you can expect a great hymn written by a very gifted Englishman. We’ll also get a chance to hear a tune from a 90’s fan favorite a bit later.

New Music – Laura Story has a new album headed our way, and I’ll be sure to give you my scoop. Who else will earn a CD overview?

Christian Music History Lesson – As they say in the genre, get ready for some old school.

Artists on the Horizon – Any Jessica Blevins fans out there?

There is much more planned for this month, so I hope you’ll visit often! Thanks! – Timothy


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