Artist on the Horizon: Krystle

indexIntroducing Krystle.

Passion is a message that you will hear both in her music and as she speaks. There is just something about how music shares our hearts that is leading Krystle to explore what God can do through her love of music and her voice. Krystle hails from Toowoomba, Queensland, in Australia, so you can expect her sound to be a bit different than what most of my State-side readers are used to. However, she would not be the first artist from Down Under to find an audience on this side of the ocean.

Now, before I go and put too much pressure on Krystle, let’s talk a bit about her music. She is a contemporary/soft rock artist, but still manages to bring some unique sound to the table. I found her music on; a website where you, too, can find artists who are trying to get their name out there. Online she has five total tracks available for download.  My recommendation is that if you had to pick one to start with, go with this song, Speechless.

Krystle is singing about the awestruck feeling that we all are faced with as we try to put God’s greatness into words. This is a timeless reaction of his people, dating back to Isaiah and his call as a prophet. Nevertheless, we can talk about this unifying phenomena, and in Krystle’s case I would imagine that this is where this song was born from.

The voice is there, and so she has one key foundation for moving forward. I think her voice is similar to that of the Barlow Girls, not unique but still good. I think her lyrical creativity could use some work. Her messages are clear, although somewhat underwhelming. This is a skill that can only develop with time, and if she was not still a work in progress, we would all be listening to her each day we turn on our radios. The music is good, and probably will see growth as her overall experience grows and she works with other professionals to harness her sound. As much as she talks about her passion, I know that she will put a good bit of effort into growing her overall sound, which is a WIN for her listeners.

Now again, her bandcamp site has five total songs available. I know she has more songs worth hearing, so please hop over to her page and listen to or buy more of her work. Here’s to hoping we get to hear more from Krystle – Timothy

P.S. – Krystle, can I suggest one of your next song choices be a piece on passion? 🙂


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