A Reason to Tune In…


If you are reading this blog, it is my hope that you share a common trait with me: Life does not always go according to my script, and sometimes I just want God to speak to me. Unfortunately, we are not always in a place where we can drop everything and start fasting. Sure, sometimes a passage from the Bible will come to your mind. However, sometimes I’m just in a place where I want to stop and listen.

My advice, Turn on your Radio! While I do not think most Christian music stations do not do enough to focus on evangelizing and discipleship, they are faithful to keep putting songs from Godly people in a place where God’s people can …. hear them. This blog works from the perspective that good Christian Music will have portions of God’s Word or Godly truths woven into them. If this is true, then when a song plays, couldn’t got allow the timing to be just right that you are hearing something you need to?

I often get in my car and turn on the radio asking for God to speak to me through the songs I hear. On a night when I knew I had worked hard and things hadn’t gone quite right, what is the song that plays? ‘Exhale,’ from Plumb. The first words in that song are, “It’s okay to not be okay.” God is reminding me that it is okay to want things to be better, but I need to wait on Him to make things what they need to be.

This happens for me often. I just felt like tonight I needed to encourage you to listen for God in the words He gives to His people to sing about. If they are working for Him like the believe they are, the songs they sing will be meaningful to His people.

Allow me to get you in a listening mood! – Timothy


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