Tim Says, TURN IT UP! – ‘Flawless’ from Mercy Me

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from October 15th –  November 4th.

The songs of the Christian music group, MercyMe, have been climbing the charts for close to 15 years. While they haven’t had another song reach the heights of, ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ their songs have been a favorite in my house all along the way.

Radio single, ‘Flawless,’ is the sixth track on their 2014 album, ‘Welcome to the New.’ The song was first played on the radio back on April 21st, and has reached as high as second on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs list. Much like the last TURN IT UP tune, it has yet to knock ‘Oceans’ out of the top spot.

MercyMeThe words of ‘Flawless’ start by bringing to the listener a scene where they are asked to consider the way it feels to know that we have a high calling, and yet regularly we are reminded of our mistakes. The words then turn the tables and call the listener to remember God’s grace. More specifically, how this graces allows Christ’s love to cover us, and we are seen as flawless in God’s eyes.

This message is one that the Church should be inhaling every time it comes on the air. The gospel message needs to spread, but so often we lose our courage thinking about how we are unworthy of the grace we have received. When you hear this song, don’t just turn it up, let it bring joy to your heart! – Timothy


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