Spontaneous Praise at Sams Club!

sams's clubI love a nice start to a Friday! On my way into work this morning, I needed to stop by Sam’s Club and fill up our company car for the next person who will be on the road next week. As I’m getting the cards inserted and getting the pump ready, another gentleman pulls up, and we just politely smile and offer each other good mornings. But then …. He started whistling the tune to a hymn I’m sure you know, ‘When the Roll is Called up Yonder.’ After a few lines, he stops whistling, so I figured it was my turn. My whistling got us to the chorus, and then I stopped. Well he started singing the chorus next, so I figured I would take the bass’ echo line. Sure enough, by the time we were done pumping gas we had sung the rest of the song. While I didn’t record our outburst, here is the Hymn for those who like to listen.

This is one of the reasons for YHHS. God’s word encourages us to have his praises forever on our lips. (Psalm 34) However, this becomes even more fun and wonderful when we can randomly join with other brothers and sisters and just praise him. Joining together in praise is a bit more difficult if we do not know the praises others of our faith sing. So, this blog not only keeps those songs in view, but reminds us of their meaning so the songs are not just empty words.

God, thank you for the brother who stirred my heart to praise this morning! – Timothy


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