Artist on the Horizon: Jessica Blevins

Jessica BlevinsIntroducing Jessica Blevins!

It is my opinion that Jessica should be a household name in the next 5-10 years. I cannot say what path God has her on, but I have a feeling that if more people heard her voice she could garner a good bit more attention. My wife and I both enjoy songs that put scripture to music. Well, while hunting for good music on, I came across the above mentioned artist and I decided to listen to her song, ‘I will see.Now my son asks to hear it every time we have a music listening session. BTW, it may not mean much, but Jessica is a West Virginia native…just like some guy named Michael W. Smith.

While there is no music video for this song yet, here is the song, ‘I will see.’ (Before continuing, take a listen.)

She would fall into the contemporary christian style of music. Obviously this song speaks for itself, in that she is just claiming to trust God’s word, and in particular David’s assertion in Psalm 27 that God’s goodness is something we can look forward to seeing. It is always fun to let God speak for Himself while His people sing His Word. I personally would give ‘I Will See,’ a 4 star rating. However, I don’t think this is her best song. Want to hear more? Go back to the above posted bandcamp link and take a listen. I bet you will listen to ‘I Beleive,’ more than once. 🙂

One thing I would think about moving forward, would be to consistently aim for tracks under 4:30. She has three tracks available on bandcamp that are above 5 minutes, and I was initially scared away, because that does not have the appearance of what could be a popular track. When I’m looking at new artists, I’ve found myself looking at those I can sample more quickly. Keep in mind, this is a suggestion, but we all know I am just a blogger, and my opinions are just that. The most important thing I would ask for Jessica to consider, and I actually have already mentioned it to her, would be to put together some more videos.It would add another way for us to engage with her, and hear her work.

I have had several email chats with Jessica, and she is very polite. Jessica and Krystle have been very kind to respond to this blogging rookie. Jessica is also down to earth, and she has shared a you tube video for an older song with me. So if you want to hear more, here you go!

Jessica, You have at least one fan who is eager for more here at YHHS! – Timothy


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  1. I absolutely agree! Growing up with Jessica I knew she was annointed with many gifts that will someday be vastly utilized to reach others for Jesus Christ. Great read!

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