New Music – Hollyn’s Debut Album

HollynReleased:October 16th, 2015 / Total Tracks: 6 / My Favorite Song: Alone (Feat. Tru)  / Already on the Radio: Alone (Feat. Tru) / My Radio Picks: Nothing on You / Sweet Sweet Album Rating: 2.7 Stars (Pretty good for an artist still developing her sound)

Hollyn’s first public debut came as a contestant on American Idol in 2013. She didn’t make it very far back then, but the ball had started rolling. If you took a listen to TobyMac’s latest album, which was released back in August, then her name will be familiar. She is a featured vocalist on both the second and fourth track from Toby’s album, ‘This Is Not A Test.” I have eagerly awaited the arrival of an EP, but that wait ended on Friday, the 16th!

The lead track from the album is Hollyn’s first radio single, ‘Alone.’ (Video Above). I think they chose wisely in releasing this song first, as I do think it is the best on the album. This is a fun song that is a plea for restored or continued fellowship with God. This is a unique reminder of the principles we find way back in Deuteronomy 31:6, the promise that we will not be left or turned away.

The second and third tracks just didn’t impress me. Track #2 is ‘All I Need is You,’ and it is a fast-speak type of hip hop. I can honestly say that this kind of music just isn’t my taste anyway. Up next is ‘Hey Mama,’ and it just is not a message I can connect with. I think it would resonate well with daughters who are close to their mom’s. Both of these tracks have quality and good lyrics, but they won’t connect with everyone as well as some of the other songs from the album.

With the fourth track, Hollyn’s album picks up to what I feel are better pieces. ‘Nothin’ on You,’ has grown on me with each listen, and I would be willing to entertain arguments that this is her best song to date. ‘Steady Me,’ slots into 5th as another solid, but not amazing song. Wrapping up the album is her song, ‘Mine.’ This song has had to grow on me a bit too, as I was not impressed with my first listen, but I do like it now.

This album further shows Hollyn’s potential to be a great, female artist in the Christian Music profession, but her best is still to come. I added this video from TobyMac’s ‘Backseat Driver,’ so you can hear her voice again without having to post another track from her album. I’d much rather you grab her album in your preferred format, and support her as she grows in the business. She always sings with emotion, and so she can provide a variety of sounds, and that should also serve her well.

Thanks for reading, and please share this article if you like what you have heard. – Timothy




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