Christian Music History Lesson: The Queen of Gospel

indexBefore Mahalia Jackson held the title, a civil war era hymn writer earned the title. Fanny J. Crosby is credited at the writer of just some…8,000 hymns and gospel songs. There was a time when gospel music was synonymous with the songs we sing in church. Today, wikipedia lists as many as 9 styles of gospel Music. This blog recognizes that there are two types which should make regular appearances on this site; Southern Gospel, made most popular by male quartets, and Traditional Black Gospel, the second most prominent form of Christian Music played on radio stations here in the states.

Her music is sung across the nation every Sunday. Her impact was so powerful that more than 60 years after her passing, Psalty the Singing Song Book traveled back in time to meet her! (Shout out to my contemporaries 😉 ) Okay, more seriously though, I imagine very many performers we listen to today sang some of her songs too, as they were discovering their voice. Here are a few examples:

Third Day –

Wintley Phipps –

That’s just a start…

Now, you will see more music from both gospel genre’s in the coming months, but let me remind you that before you say it’s not your style, remember that they all have roots in hymns we know and love. – Timothy


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