Revelation Song – The Church SINGS!

Just about anyone will recognize the tune to this song, ‘Revelation Song,’ which was originally recorded by Phillips, Craig and Dean. That is part of the beauty of this video. We all know what is being said without having to understand each other. It is just so warming to think we share a bond with Christ’s people across the globe.

Take a moment to consider the glimpses we are seeing. First, this is snap shot of what God sees each day His people honor Him with worship. He knows what we are saying no matter what language we are singing, and in pockets around the globe, He is being lifted up. More so, this is glimpse of the fulfillment of the Revelation. He is redeeming lives in every tribe and tongue, so that all the world can here the message of Christ.

I hope this song blows you away as you consider what you are watching.- Timothy!


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