Tim Says, “TURN IT UP!” – Just Be Held from Casting Crowns

Turn it UpTim Says, “TURN IT UP!’ suggestions apply to this post from November 5th –  Black Friday!

From one icon of Contemporary Christian Music, to another, I’ve decided to give this TURN IT UP nod to Casting Crowns and their song, “Just be Held.” Casting Crowns provides the industry with new hits every few months, and ‘Just Be Held’ continues to hold their mark of quality and passion.

This track about stopping and letting God embrace you for a bit, is the third track on the album, ‘Thrive.’Just Be Held,’ entered the radio realm on August 11th, and has steadily been climbing the charts since. As of last week, Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs list placed the tune at 5th on the weekly chart. Whether it will hit the top of the charts remains to be seen as I do not think it can beat Lauren Daigle’s, ‘First,’ let alone that song about feet failing from United.

Anyone living the Christian life as it is described in scripture will come to moments in their life when they cannot stand alone. In fact, the song may not go far enough in the lesson is puts forward. The idea of just being held suggests that sometimes we do not need to be held, but that is just not true. As Paul wrote in Romans 3, there are none who are righteous, and so we require the grace of God to keep us heading in the right direction.

My thought would be to hear the song, and let it be a reminder that we are to be living with God as rule, not just our companion who can help hold us together. Just let God hold you each day in His will. – Timothy



  1. Oh my Timothy, I’m SO glad you wandered onto my blog so that I was able to find yours! This song is amazing and I would not have found it without following you from my blog back home to yours…and in just the first 3 minutes I’m loving what you’re doing here! This song is one that TWO people God has me communicating with right now need to hear (well, 3 including me…grin. And I love Casting Crowns.) More coincidence? Nah, God being His usual awesome self if we will but listen, hear, etc. Thank you, I cannot wait to poke more into your blog because I already know I will be blessed in coming here!

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