‘Let Me Feel You Shine’ from the David Crowder Band

David Crowder has always brought us music that proclaims a passion and love for God that we all love to dwell on for a bit. In 2012, ‘Let Me Feel You Shine,’ was one of the last radio releases of the David Crowder Band. The group parted ways that same year with David venturing off into a solo(ish) career under the name Crowder and the rest of the group forming The Digital Age. While this song did not climb as high as I think it should have on the national lists, ‘Let Me Feel You Shine,’ is probably my favorite song from the group. I would give it a YHHS Rating of 4 stars, with the temptation to go higher.

When you listen to the lyrics there is an obvious desire for more of God’s spirit in David’s life. While this is common to just about any David Crowder song, I’m of the opinion that this song hits the mark really well and comes off as a very personal track. The song opens with a claim that his belief is under assault, and that while his faith is there, he does not want to rely on himself to get through things each day. The chorus even claims he would need God’s strength to overcome, to ‘Crawl out of this tonight.’ True for all of us, right?

So in the season of personal faith struggles and knowing his faith needs help, who does he turn to? God and His Light. This song brings me the scene we read about in Exodus 33-34 where Moses is worn out with leading the rebellious Israelites, and yet he has found himself pleading for their lives. Moses professes a need for God to be with him, and goes as far as pleading to be allowed to see the full glory of God, probably thinking, “I need to see if you are really worth everything I have been going through.” At the end of this account, Moses spends 40 days with God up on Mount Sinai, and he comes down the mountain with a face that is literally shining!

When I hear this song, I hear a plea for a closeness to the Lord that would make David’s life so engulfed with God that His light is always felt each moment of the day. What an awesome thought!

I hope this track will offer you a bit of God’s presence in your life today too! – Timothy



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