‘The River’ by Jordan Feliz

Talk about a HOT Start! Six weeks ago, the name Jordan Feliz would not connect with too many people, and while his name may not be ringing a bell yet, his debut single has probably been stuck in your head a time or two in the last month or so. His debut album, ‘Beloved’ was released on October 2nd, and it’s lead track, ‘The River’ has made it to 5th on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart for this week. This is a big change in attention for the former member of the band, A Current Affair. (I bet I’m not the only one who has never heard of that band.)

The River,’ is a folk rock song that talks about baptism, the event of obedience that follows a Christian’s confession of Christ. So, with this in mind, when the song’s lyrics speak about leaving your troubles and experiencing mercy at this river, this song also makes a creative call to salvation. This is a wonderful thing that does not happen enough in Christian Music today. There is nothing wrong with a song that does not make such a call, but the fact that this call is there, and the song is thriving is a very good sign. Even ‘Oceans,’ a great song about faith and obedience to follow, does not make this plea. The call to salvation is an element that I would like to see more in the songs we embrace.

With such a great solo debut, I’m sure Jordan will bring us a few more great songs. – Timothy


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