Saturday Night Call to Worship: How Great is Your Faithfulness from Matt Redman

Matt Redman is probably one of the most under-played artists in the Christian Music industry. While Matt has not appeared on Billboard Hot Christian Songs Top 25 in more than 2 years, he has several quality songs that did not get any significant radio play, including this song, ‘How Great is Your Faithfulness.’  This praise song is not extremely complex, but it was an ever true message and it is a ton of fun to listen to and sing along with. The lyrics give God theglory He is due by acknowledging God’s consistent presence in our lives and His kindness to embrace sinful mankind. These things make him worthy of our worship, but God has been this kind to mankind through-out time, each generation. Surely this makes Him truly awesome!

I am confident that those who have not heard this song will enjoy the tune, but I also hope that you will embrace the excitement this song shares in praising an impressive God though your fellowship and worship tomorrow. – Timothy

 Five Stars YHHS Song Rating


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