New Music – ‘Be One’ from Natalie Grant

be one coverReleased: November 13th, 2015 / Total Tracks: 11 / My Favorite Song: Clean / Already on the Radio: Be One / My Radio Picks: Symphonies, Clean  / Sweet Sweet Album Rating:  3.1 Stars

Natalie is the other Grant woman of Christian Music. She will never have the epic effect on the business that Amy Grant has had, but to be fair, Natalie has a lot more names around to compete with. Natalie has been a great name in the business though, and this is a pretty decent project. I’ve been looking forward to this release since I started this blog, as this is the first Natalie Grant CD I’ve ever owned. I am glad I’ve added some of her work to my growing collection.

‘Be One,’ the ablum’s title track is also the lead song. You may have already heard it on the radio, and it is one of the better songs from the album. I think it is a 4 star tune, making it worthy of it’s radio play. Slotted behind it as the second song on the play list is the song, ‘Good Day.‘ The upbeat tune is fun, but just an average offering. The third song is a nice message, but I do not feel it is much more than that. ‘King of the World’ is one of three songs on the album that I would only give 2 stars.

The next trio of tracks are all solid, 4 star recordings. ‘Love Has Won’ has great music to it and is fairly encouraging. In the 5th slot is the song, ‘Clean,’ which I think is the best song of the collection. ‘Cleanhits us in our hearts and reminds us that the ugly we see in our lives is not what God sees when we are renewed in Christ. Great thoughts! The middle track is the most fun from the album, and is my son’s favorite; ‘Symphonies.’ I can see this song being her next radio release. It would be my pick anyway.

From this point on, the songs vary from average songs to less than impressive tracks. #7 from the project is ‘Enough,’ and it’s an average tune. Next up is ‘Never Miss a Beat,’ and would be my favorite from the second half of the album, because it is another fun sounding track. The lyrics are not incredible, but this benefits from a good sound track. ‘Ever Be,‘ the ninth track is nothing too grand, because it’s too long, but the message is good and you do get to hear a few children singing with her. I almost feel bad for giving the kids a 2 star rating, but the children inclusion standard has been set high ever since I heard Michael W. Smith, ‘Can’t Wait Any Longer.’

Up 10th is ‘More Than Anything.’ This song has a great set of lyrics to it, but the music was just average. I think the song may grow on me, but my initial impression just didn’t resonate. The last track is a duet with her brother, Steve Grant, a rendition of ‘Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.’ Great Hymn, but that is all I took away from this track.

So, while I was not blown away, I think ‘Be One,’ is just what you would expect from a professional voice. I am also glad to finally add a Natalie Grant album to volumes of Christian Music. Thank for reading! – Timothy


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