Christian Music History Lesson: Top 5 this Week in 2003!

This week in 2003, Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart was just four and a half months old. The contemporary Christian music industry, while still small, had finally picked up enough steam to warrant Billboard’s attention. As you would imagine, on the November 15th version of the chart four of the top five seats were held by a few groups that still bring us hits annually; the Newboys, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, and Third Day. Behind these still strong industry leaders, the fourth slot was held by a trio of ladies who performed under the band name ZOEgirl. The track that was currently on the charts was ‘You Get Me.’

‘You Get Me’ sings of the fact that no one will understand us better than our maker, God. This is a truth we know from scripture, more specifically Psalm 139:13. This passage tells of how God knew us at the time we were conceived, knowing each molecule that went into making our bodies. We also know that God knows our hearts and minds as confirmed by Jeremiah 17:10, examining our thoughts to know even our intentions. While ‘You Get Me’ may not have struck a cord with enough people for it to hit the top spot on the charts, it still speaks a very true message; GOD GETS US.

ZOEgirl, who has not released an album in 10 years, is still together, even though they did disband for several years. Life happened, as they all got married and started families. According to their facebook page, there is a lullaby album that is in the works, but no release date has been scheduled. Whenever God allows, I’m sure ZOEgirl will have some fans who are ready to hear more. (I mean, I have children who might like lullabies too. 🙂 )

Thanks for taking this look back with me! – Timothy


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