Not On The Radio: ‘Unusual’ from Francesca Battistelli

Hopefully, you just listened to the 4th track from the album, ‘If We’re Honest,’ the last album released by Francesca Battistelli. Francesca is one of the best recognized female artists of the last decade, and this song carries many of her signature techniques. ‘Unusual’ is a fun, upbeat song, with her powerful vocals on display yet again. Not only that, but the fun song has a GREAT message that I think needs to be played for all to hear.

‘Unusual’ sings about the fact that when a person is living well for Christ, they will look unusual to the world. Sometimes our unusual way of life is met with harsh attitude or mean people. Sadly, the Bible tells us that this is going to happen. Jesus said it himself in the gospels. Here is what is recorded in John 15:18.

‘If the World hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.’ John  15:18 ESV

This is just what Christian needs to know to expect. What is great about Francesca’s song is that she reminds us that this persecutions means we are doing the Lord’s will. No only that, but she says that this makes us beautiful, and it does because we are reflecting the love of the most high! We are doing well when the world finds us unusual.

I really would love for this message to be playing on every Christian Radio station, because God’s people could really use this reminder. Until then, pass the word about this song along. – Timothy

Four Stars YHHS Song Rating


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