Site News: December State of the Blog

Thank You!

After three whole months of this blog, I have seen new heights as a blogger. I’m having a good bit of fun with this blog, and I know that it is being well received. So, again, I thank you.

I would like to ask that you continue to share the link to my blog as you are able. I am committed to this effort, and I would simply ask that you would help me reach the audience that would be blessed by this blog. The best thing about growing an audience will be the personal enrichment that comes from learning about how others react to songs discussed here. So, you reader, are very important to me!

The International reach of YHHS expanded again in November. Readers visited from Guatamala, Nepal, and Brazil, and so we have now found readers in 17 different countries since the reboot of YHHS in late August. Later this month I will be introducing some new groups to the blog from South Africa and New Zealand. I plan on being intentional about exploring from group from other countries, to keep the music different and perhaps introduce readers to groups from around the globe.

Thank you again for reading, and I look forward to a fun month of music at You Have Heard It Sung. – Timothy


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