The Annual Invasion Arrives!

What Happened to my Favorite Christian Radio Station?!?!?

At the end of each year’s annual turkey feast here in the US, Christians across the country will now have a harder time finding their favorite songs on the radio. You’re radio station, like mine, has been conquered by…CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

My local radio stations, The Journey and SpiritFM have gone 100% Christmas Music. Just like that, the radio industry shuts down just about everything not Christmas. Even while KLOVE has a dedicated Christmas feed, they still cycle in Christmas tunes every few songs. We pause every other message other than the message that it is Christmas time again.

I have nothing against some good Christmas music, as you will get to see as December unfolds, but the Christian Music Industry over does it by a mile. If you do not agree with my feelings already, I hope that in a little while you will at least understand my frustrations which are shared by many Christians.

christmasFIRST, Christians are willingly promoting competing ideas: While I could spend several posts ripping into the concept of Christmas itself, I’m going to operate from the tradition that has the right heart to it. Christmas was to be a time to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the baby given as a sacrifice for our sins. This is the message of Christmas, and it is one of two pivotal moments for the Christian Church. Without the gift that was given of Jesus’s life, we would not be able to live in the gift that came through his death. Christmas is God sending hope to a world without it.

Where does rocking around a Christmas Tree, Frosty the Snow Man, or the Jingle Bell Rock come in? If Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus’ arrival, how are we witnessing to the world when we are reinforcing that it is about cold, out door fun, a pretty tree or the pleasant sound of bells? Every time Santa Claus is mentioned we are talking about a man who is the Idol in the place of Jesus in many a child’s heart. Why is this okay? What is the message of Christmas? We cannot be a house divided, it should be only Jesus.

SECOND, we need to pay attention to whom we are playing: Nat King Cole, the famous voice of the Christmas Song, lyrics for those who would like the reference, was an open adulterer. Elvis Presley and his Blue Christmas are no better, and everyone knows the man did not hide his promiscuity. Even when the song is performed by a Christian Artist, the reference to Elvis is there. While Burl Ives or Perry Como may not have lived lives in vast contrast to the Christian faith, there are some who are played that clearly did.

This is made worse by the fact that some stations will not touch a Ray Boltz track. I really enjoyed his Christmas work, as it was truly excellent messages, but it has become clear he does not respect the message he sang about, so he is blacklisted, and this is probably a good thing. However, why does this black list not extend to those individuals or their songs who did not hide their clear moral failings? Frankly, this is another way we teach conflicting messages around Christmas.

How_Can_It_Be_by_Lauren_DaigleTHIRD, what about all the other messages we know Christians and the world need to hear? Most Christian music stations brand themselves as the positive, encouraging alternative to secular radio. While I personally find this to be weak spirited, the teachings of Jesus should be just that to the lives of all who hear. After the leftover turkey is put away, however, these encouraging messages that they know people need to hear get pushed to the back burner for just the first chapter of the story.

Lauren Daigle’sFirst,’ would remind us that Jesus comes First, and yet the first thing on the agenda at many Christian music stations is to promote an overly secularized holiday, while preaching both the secular and sacred notions of Christmas. Isn’t this sort of wrong? Laura Story’s song ‘Rain Drops,’ reminds us that Blessings come through small, and sometimes painful moments, but that important message is pushed aside when it is time to remind all the little boys and girls to be ‘Good for Goodness Sake.’

SO WHAT IT BOILS DOWN TO is the clear message that Christian Radio is supposed to be promoting is made murky by the mixed signals it sends, the mixed characters they promote, and missing messages that are crucial to the lives of believers for the other 11 months of the year.

Satan sipperDon’t worry though, Christianity did it’s thing this year when we took on Starbucks and the Satan Sipper. Those who know the real issue some Christians had with Starbucks will realize that it was rooted in how employees are not encouraged or in some cases not permitted, to say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Why do we need to hear an empty phrase about a holiday that in many people’s heart has nothing to do with God or Jesus? All we need is the message of Christmas, and it is very simple:

God gave us the gift of a baby named Jesus. This baby was sinless, and died on a Cross when he was not guilty. In that death, this baby, became the key to our salvation. When you think about having a Merry Christmas, make it merry because Salvation has arrived for you and me. – Timothy


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